Guided tours:

From Fjordslottet there are many things to discover, both on Osterøy and in the area of Bergen. We are only 45 minutes from Bergen, and are a great place to start your adventures.

There are many things on Osterøy you should not miss:

–       Havråtunet – an old farm which is run on ancient principles. Is still today a lively farm and museum at the same time

–       Osterøy Museum – consist of typical old historical farm buildings from the villages north of Bergen. Here you will find both new and old houses, and a walk in the agricultural landscape is very interesting

–       Bullahuset – this is Ole Bulls private home, until he bought Lysøen in 1872. A unique building in its orginal color, pink. It is today a museum, but still owned by the Bull family

–       Amazing hikes and walks are found all around Fjordslottet, and all over the island. We do recommend the area above the village of Bruvik (on the opposite side of the island), which has many nicely marked hikes on the mountain tops, and you get a spectacular fjordview as well


Fishing / Boat trips / Fjordwalks / Mountain hikes:

In the area around Fjordslottet there is much to experience:

–      Together with our partners you can rent your own boat, with or without engine, for smaller fishing trips

–       Rent a boat with or without a engine

–       We have maps and descriptions for nice walks and hikes both by the fjord or on the mountains, reaching from a small walk/hike to the closest pasture and long hikes for many hours

–       We can also help you with boat trips with guide, helicopter rides and much more