Fjordslottet Hotel is a hotel by the fjord on the island of Osterøy in the county of Hordaland. It is about 45 minutes drive from Bergen. Fjordslottet Hotel has a rich history which dates more than 160 years back and was built in 1851. During those times the industy in the county was mostly centered around the village of Dale, but it was a long way from all the markets. A businessman from Bergen, named Carl Joachim Hambro, saw a great opportunity in getting the industry closer to Bergen. He felt he could then get an advantage, and saw Fotlandsvåg as the perfect place.

In the river in the gardens of Fjordslottet he built a cottonmill, and of course the owner needed a place to live, and as a result Fjordslottet was built.

But for C.J. Hambro business never went as he had hoped, but his successor succeeded hugely, and gave Fotlandsvåg a great boom.

As years past by Fjordslottet became a privately owned family home, and has been a happy family home for many families over the years. But in 1997 Fjordslottet was restored, and opened as a hotel with 40 rooms, great outdoor areas and beautiful gardens and very good capacity for conference and banquets.