Fjordslottet Hotel is a hotel by the fjord on the island of Osterøy in the county of Hordaland. It is about 45 minutes drive from Bergen. Fjordslottet Hotel has a rich history which dates more than 160 years back and was built in 1851. During those times the industy in the county was mostly centered around the village of Dale, but it was a long way from all the markets. A businessman from Bergen, named Carl Joachim Hambro, saw a great opportunity in getting the industry closer to Bergen. He felt he could then get an advantage, and saw Fotlandsvåg as the perfect place.

In the river in the gardens of Fjordslottet he built a cottonmill, and of course the owner needed a place to live, and as a result Fjordslottet was built.

But for C.J. Hambro business never went as he had hoped, but his successor succeeded hugely, and gave Fotlandsvåg a great boom.


As years past by Fjordslottet became a privately owned family home, and has been a happy family home for many families over the years. But in 1997 Fjordslottet was restored, and opened as a hotel with 40 rooms, great outdoor areas and beautiful gardens and very good capacity for conference and banquets.



Your hosts and owners, Ann & Christian Bolstad, has run Fjordslottet Hotell for many years, and wishes that all guests should get the best experience possible.

Together they possesses great knowledge of the hospitality business, and also knows a lot about Fotlandsvåg, Fjordslottet, Osterøy Island and also the region of Bergen.

Marek King is our Head Chef, and has been at the hotel since 2006. He has together with the hosts created Fjordslottet into a renowned hotel for its food, and as a direct result the hotel was given a membership in the Culinary Places in Norway in 2010 ( Marek has a focus on fresh commodities, and the food is made from scratch. And this of course results in great tastes and the best flavours.


The Kitchen:

Fjordslottets Head Chef, Marek King, has together with the hosts, made Fjordslottet widely known for its great food and fresh flavours. At Fjordslottet Hotell the food is meant to keep you talking about it for months after your stay.

We offer the following:

–       3 and 4 course set dinner

–       3 and 4 course wedding menus

–       Great traditional Norwegian Christmas food (in Norwegian called Julebord)

–       Castlebuffet called GourmetGrøn – a different and uniquely tasting buffet (


Together with you as a customer with make the menus to make sure you are another one of our satisfied customers.

OBS! All food must be ordered in a minimum of 24 hours in advance.


Living rooms:

In our beautiful living rooms you will find peace and tranquility to enjoy a nice glas of wine while enjoying the view of the fjord and the mountains close by.

The living rooms is also a natural place to meet in the evening for enjoyment and a good conversation.


Banquet Facilities:

Through the last years, Fjordslottet has been looked upon as ideal for any celebration and special occasions. The peace and the opportunity to use all the great facilities has given more and more the chance to celebrate any special occasions in our charming hotel.

This combined with an amazing kitchen it simply is a perfect place for the small and big events in life.


Here is a list of our banquet facilities:

Hambro & Holms: 130 person in E-shaped tables and 120 persons in coffee tables of 8 persons on each table
Hambro: 70 persons in long tables and 50 persons in coffee tables of 8 persons on each table
Holms: 60 persons in long tables and 50 persons in coffee tables of 8 persons on each table
Blue Room: 28 persons in long tables and 18 persons in a horseshoe shaped table
Slottskjelleren: 40 persons in one long table


Press this link to see our banquet menus. These are only suggestions, and together with you will can put together a menu after your taste and wishes.