Fjordslottet Hotell has a great deal of experience in arranging weddings. The bride and groom in focus is our motto, and very many satisfied weddings can confirm just that.

We arrange anywhere between 10 and 20 weddings a year, and has an easy, yet very efficient quality assurance system to make sure wedding couples and guests are getting a memorable experience.

We try to create menus together with the wedding couple and try to fulfill their wishes.

We operate with on price, and all is included*. No hidden extras at Fjordslottet Hotel.

If the wedding reception involves more than 70 guests you will have the entire hotel for yourselves.

We have many great references and know how important this day is for the wedding couples, and that’s why we have bride and groom in focus.

* Does not include drinks for dinner reception and in the bar



Our venues are really nice and gives that really romantic atmosphere to your wedding. We have a beautiful garden with a fish pond and great outdoor furnisher as well. We also make great winter weddings with lit torches all over the garden and small lamps in the snow.


The facilities are suitable from 10 until 130 people. Than it is still roomy and nice for all your guests. The guest can of course also stay the night at the hotels accommodation, so you’ll have the choice of having all your guests at one place. It is very popular to get together the next morning after the wedding reception and look back at the celebration from the night before.

Honeymoon Suite::

This is by far our biggest room, 45 square meter in total

The floors are shipsdeck with its on dining area for persons, seating area and a large king size double bed, with a large bathroom en-suite.

You’ll also find free WiFi in the Honeymoon Suite.


When you arrive to the suite after the wedding reception you might find the floor covered in rose petals, a great cooled wine and some other surprises. The perfect end for a perfect day!


Outdoors Ceremony:

For those not wishing to get married in a church, we are glad to lend you our garden for an outdoor Ceremony. We can arrange with chairs and all the things one might need.

There are more and more how wishes to do it this way, and it is a beautiful experience.